Spyware and viruses are becoming more of a problem everyday. Hackers are constantly changing their methods to get you to install their creations. They have become very tricky and convincing. Below are just a few things you might see before and after you are infected. All of the photos shown are actual spyware infections and serve no legitimate purpose on your PC. By agreeing and installing any of the software you will infect your PC with a long list of problems from browser hijacking, pop ups for any type of web sites (including pornography), or stealing information saved on your PC. Some are just annoying while others are EXTREMELY malicious. Are you willing to take that chance??? Let FYI Tech Services take care of any problems you might have and show you how to prevent them in the future.

This looks exactly like something that would come from Microsoft but it definitely is NOT. By clicking "Update" you will be infected. Best to just click the red X on the top right and do a Windows update by clicking "Start" and then clicking "Windows Update".


Another one that if you click "OK" will install something that will not help. This is usually something you will get after being infected. They want you to install, yet another, infection then charge you for software that will remove this. Or it might not remove anything but now they have a credit card number, your money and you still have the problem.

 Yet another piece of spyware trying to get what they can from you. Sometimes they come from a pop up, other times they come from an infection you have installed by accident.

This is the end result of a full blown infection. At this point it's too late for prevention and you should remove the internet connection and GET HELP. Who knows what is going on with your PC by now. It could be sending personal information out to someone.

Yes there is an infection, but Windows did not find it, this is the spyware getting you to install more malicious software to "fix" the problem. The problem will not be fixed but it will certainly get worse by installing it.